Why Cyber Insurance is a vital part of your GDPR compliance

The new data laws (GDPR) have transformed cyber risk for businesses. La Playa warns that now is the time to review your cyber liability, and understand how cyber insurance can be part of the soluton.


Cryptocurrency: Insuring the Wild West?

As a young business pioneering in cryptocurrency, it's vital that you can reassure your investors and stakeholders that your business - and their cash...


4 Tips to Stay Safer in the Cloud

There are four key areas through which you can mitigate the risks of cloud computing: the contract, due diligence, incident response procedures and...


11 Tips to Stay Safe on the Ski Slopes

If you’re skiing at half term, take a minute to make sure your travel insurance is all in order – and make time to talk through some winter sports safety points* with your family or group.


The Unique Cyber Risks Facing Children of Affluent Families

Children’s online activities not only have implications for cyber security but can also create liability exposures.


With Home Wine Cellars Becoming a Lifestyle Feature, La Playa launches holistic Fine Wine Insurance offering

It’s estimated that at least £2-3 billion of fine wine is now stored in home cellars in the UK. But with flooding on the rise, and many private...


Chocolate teapots

Is your policy a chocolate teapot? Pointless, inadequate, can’t take the heat? But according to the The Telegraph, they CAN be of some use for...


New rules on Public Liability limits is your cover still adequate?

The government's new guideline settlements for Public Liability claims has major implications for media & digital organisations.


Could average clauses sink your arts organisation in a claim?

If this clause is applied by insurers in the event of a claim, it means that where the sum insured is inadequate (i.e you’re under-insured), the insurer can reduce its liability for a claim.


Why you need Crime Insurance as well as Cyber Insurance for online risks

Cyber attacks are now a “when”, not an “if”, and Cyber security is a pressing management issue. With costs spiralling, Cyber Insurance is a...


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