Art Galleries & Dealers

Art Galleries & Dealers

The business of buying and selling art involves very specific risks – which can change even from hour to hour as the work is installed, de-installed, handled and shipped worldwide.

We understand that art galleries and dealers need an insurance provider who is easy to communicate with, and can respond swiftly and flexibly. 

La Playa Fine Art can help with:

  • Property: inventory, loaned items & objects on consignment
  • Blanket cover for approved locations
  • Art in transit worldwide
  • Enhancements including art fair/trade show coverage, Bailee legal liability coverage, art reference library cover
  • Building, business property and general liabilities
  • Event coverage for private views, shows, readings, and receptions

Cover includes:

  • Stock
  • Public Liability
  • Business Property & Office Equipment
  • Building Cover
  • Identity Recovery Cover
  • Business Income & Extra Expense
  • Employers' Liability
  • Employment Practices Liability
  • Bailee legal liability cover

Private or public, profit or non-profit, and whatever medium is your forte – we will support you with expert advice and specialist cover so that when crunch time comes, your claim is paid.

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