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Fashion Insurance

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La Playa supports fashion designers, fashiontech and wearables businesses with practical, jargon-free advice and specialist insurance.

Have you been paying lip service to insurance? Now’s the time to engage!

In an industry where deadlines are critical, fashion insurance isn’t just about processing a claim, it’s about thinking laterally to solve challenges and problems fast. Fashion presents a very specific set of risk exposures – and now your digital and online risks can expose you globally.

What if...'re accused of IP infringement – print, cut, plagiarism, copyrights, domain name rights? lose creative work and/or income through a hack/virus attack - or employee theft?

...your customer doesn’t like your work or advice and refuses to pay for it?

We speak your language, and we understand the risks and pressures you face. From concept to catwalk, we’re right beside you, protecting your business as it grows.

Fashion covers include:

Intellectual Property Insurance - protecting your ideas and defending you against infringement allegations

Property: cover for digital assets, prototypes, offices, computers, merchandise, stock, samples

Business Interruption: protects income streams during physical and technological disruptions (fire, flood, power & telecommunications failure)

Public Liability: for compensation payments arising from damage to third party property or personal injury

Product Liability: in case your product causes harm

Event insurance for fashion shows/shoots and studio shows including Transit of Stock or Collections

Event Cancellation and Non-Appearance

Employers’ Liability Insurance: mandatory in the UK. Protects you from liability costs to your employees arising from injury or illness in the workplace

Cyber Liability: cover against cyber threats and data loss that leads to a fall in revenue or reputation

Professional Indemnity: protects against allegations of negligent advice from your website and in a consultancy capacity, breach of duty or mismanagement

Directors & Officers Liability - critical protection for business managers

Business Travel & Personal Accident - valuable cover for staff on the move

Key Person Insurance: protecting your organisation's future

Employee Benefits - helping to attract & retain top talent

Legal Expenses: protects your organisation in employment disputes, health & safety issues, contract disputes and tax issues, and provides an advisory service

Multinational Programmes - making insurance coordinated, intelligent, practical and global

At La Playa, we’re passionate about innovative and creative industries. We’ll help you get the right cover where you need it (and NOT where you don’t!), and we’ll support you with expert advice to help you make the right insurance decisions.

We understand you so well, we’ll complete the form for you, if you prefer! Let’s talk…

Premiums start at £560


“These guys are the only insurance people I will tolerate speaking to these days, as they are actual humans (with both a brain and a heart!) and offer very good packages too - they answer calls and emails promptly and when I had an issue recently with my bank were very helpful to get it fixed.”

George, La Playa business client


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About La Playa Media & Digital

Specialist & Independent

Specialist & Independent

La Playa's specialist Mediatech team can help you protect your business with smart, flexible, high-performance insurance - with a friendly human UI. We understand the risks and pressures you face - and we speak your language. We’ll support you with great advice - helping you make good decisions for your organisation. Our exclusive portfolio policies can help streamline costs, and we’ll always help you stay ahead of the game in managing risk.

In-house IFA

We also offer Business Protection (including Key Person Insurance) and Employee Benefits: a joined up approach with a team of advisers working for your best financial interests - all under one roof

Advice You Can Trust

…from an expert who understands you

Tech-based business is 24/7, global and borderless, exposing you to new risks and liabilities - often in unfamiliar places. As the law struggles to keep pace with technology, insurance can provide a real safety net if you fall foul of changing legislation.

  • Specialist insurance for media and digital businesses
  • Independent professional advice
  • Relationship-based service: right beside you when you make a claim
  • “Can do” culture
  • Seamless insurance across UK and US

Are we right for each other?

What sets us apart is the advice we offer: we really know our stuff. We listen, we analyse, we advise you on how to eliminate or mitigate your risk, and how to protect yourself against what remains. We may not be the cheapest option – so if an off-the-shelf policy and call centre queues work for you, be our guest. But if you need some advice on identifying your risk areas, how to structure your insurance most efficiently and effectively, and how to adapt it to the changing dynamics of your work or life – with hand-holding and close attention to detail - you’ve come to the right place. Welcome to the family!

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