Games, Software, and Apps Insurance

Games, Software, and Apps Insurance

Games, software and apps businesses face some very specific and global risks - both on- and offline. La Playa is an insurance specialist for media and digital businesses, helping games software and publishing businesses as they scale from start-up to IPO. We understand the risks and pressures you face, we speak your language, and we'll help protect your business with expert risk management advice and a portfolio of insurance designed around your specific MO.

What if…

  • Your app technology fails, leaving users and customers out of pocket?
  • In-app purchase functions prompt an investigation by regulators?
  • Data is breached, leading to privacy claims?

Games, Software, and Apps Insurance Cover can include...

  • IP Protection: covering both defence and pursuit costs
  • Cyber Security: protecting you from hack attacks, DoS, ransomware, data breaches and more
  • Public, product, and professional liabilities
  • Crisis Management & Disaster Recovery: to speed recovery from an interruption and minimise its impact on your bottom line
  • Contingency cover around new product launches and key events, covering unrecoverable expenses and committed costs

We can also help you with:

  • Employee benefits: helping you to attract and retain top talent, as well as helping with Key Person insurance for your rock stars and succession planning for your senior team
  • M&A: Insurance due diligence services around acquisition targets
  • Wealth management services for high earners/board of directors
  • Preparing for GDPR: the new EU General Data Protection Regulation will be replacing the Data Protection Act - with profound implications for businesses trading with Europe. 
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About La Playa Media & Digital

Specialist & Independent

Specialist & Independent

La Playa's specialist Mediatech team can help you protect your business with smart, flexible, high-performance insurance - with a friendly human UI. We understand the risks and pressures you face - and we speak your language. We’ll support you with great advice - helping you make good decisions for your organisation. Our exclusive portfolio policies can help streamline costs, and we’ll always help you stay ahead of the game in managing risk.

In-house IFA

We also offer Business Protection (including Key Person Insurance) and Employee Benefits: a joined up approach with a team of advisers working for your best financial interests - all under one roof

Advice You Can Trust

…from an expert who understands you

Tech-based business is 24/7, global and borderless, exposing you to new risks and liabilities - often in unfamiliar places. As the law struggles to keep pace with technology, insurance can provide a real safety net if you fall foul of changing legislation.

  • Specialist insurance for media and digital businesses
  • Independent professional advice
  • Relationship-based service: right beside you when you make a claim
  • “Can do” culture
  • Seamless insurance across UK and US
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